Professional Diving & Marine Services

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Divesafe-UK offers a wealth of knowledge and experience to our clients who require inshore or inland diving and marine expertise.

Our specialist diving team have worked all over the UK and abroad on hundreds of projects bringing with them many years of experience.
Divesafe-UK has its own decompression chamber and dive control unit as well as 2 rescue boats. Divesafe-UK has their own precision dredger designed specifically to remove compact clay, sediments, debris and light rubble up to the size of house bricks. Designed to be used in confined spaces where conventional dredging methods are not suitable.
We have worked on numerous projects across the UK and our services include :

  • Underwater inspections including subsea video
  • Underwater burning welding and cutting
  • Underwater construction, shutters, demolition and recovery
  • Underwater high pressure water jetting
  • Concrete repairs above and below water
  • Outfall and pipeline installations, repairs. Inspections and maintenance
  • Denso installation
  • Pile jacket installation
  • Scour protection using grout bags, rock armour
  • Habour, slipway, jetty and pier repairs and maintenance
  • Cathodic protection
  • Ship maintenance
  • Dredging, airlifting and trenching
  • Reservoir and river works
  • Marine salvage operations
  • UXO surveys
  • Divesafe-UK are members of the ADC (Association of Diving Contractors).